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Your Training Material On Demand

MindigoBox enables you to organize your training material, documentation and knowledgebase articles. Anyone on your team can browse, search and engage with the content with ease.

MindigoBox supports PDF MindigoBox supports html Mindigobox supports excel Mindigobox supports power point mindigobox supports Word

You Don’t Need To Be A Course Designer!

Create material based on exactly how the work is performed. Document your workflow, product knowledge, and procedures. Tag, group, and organize your content. Build your own team and organization training site, with Netflix and online shopping-like search, sort, and browsing functions.

You no longer have to be a course designer to put together your team and organization’s on-boarding program, training manual or knowledgebase. Simply create the material and upload.


Time Saved in Producing Material


Reduced Onboarding Time

Has Been Used For

Software Adoption

Facilitate your entire team onto your new system with ease!

Give everyone the access documentation and training material, and allow everyone to contribute to your team’s collective knowledge.

CRM Onboarding

Turn your team’s knowledge into an onboard tool.

Shorten your training cycle for new sales and sales support people.

Departmental Training

Keep everyone on your team up-to-date, whether you are in sales, customer service, marketing, or operations.

Let's Work Together!

We are looking for pilot customers. Do you have existing training material or use a program you are not perfectly happy with? Are you looking to create a new onboarding program?

We would love to learn about your challenges and needs.

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